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Dreamstation Go Reusable Foam Filter

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Philips Respironics foam pollen filters with the White Plastic Carrier that is permanently attached to the filter, and should not be detached. The filters are designed for use with all the DreamStation GO Series Portable CPAP/APAP Machines.

Important: It is very important to keep your Foam Pollen reusable filters cleaned on a regular basis. Not only does it help to keep your machine running smoothly but it is equally important to keep the air you breath clean, which is vital to good sleep therapy.

The Philips Foam Pollen reusable filters for the DreamStation Go are also more durable, giving you up to six months of use before replacement. Patients only need to rinse with warm tap water at least once every two weeks, the reusable filter should be completely dry before reinstalling.

Two filter options are available for the DreamStation Go Travel CPAP machine, including the reusable filter that comes standard or the DreamStation Go disposable filters.

The reusable foam filter is composed of 100% polyester material and is 88% efficient at filtering particles at 7-10 microns.

Features of the DreamStation Go Reusable Filters

  • Washable 100% polyester filter offers up to six months durability before replacement
  • 88% efficient filtering at 7-10 micron
  • Filters out troublesome particles like household dust, pollen, pet dander.

Included with this Purchase

  • 2x Reusable Foam Pollen Filters