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ResMed AirMini HumidX

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The AirMini HumidX is the standard heat moisture exchange and will last for approximately 1 month before it needs to be changed. You will know it needs changing as the amount of moisture delivered will start to diminish. They have only 2 packet options which is a 3 pack or a 6 pack. The HumidX Plus is a another version and provides a higher level of moisture so if you are not getting enough from the HumidX you should buy the HumidX plus. You will know this is you are getting dryness

The HumidX is a Blue colour and the HumidX plus is Grey colour.

The AirMini relies upon the HumidX technology to enable CPAP users to use waterless humidfication. These are in effect a heat Moisture Exchange filter which retains moisture from each breath and supplies this back to the user. Many people would not be aware that the nose acts as a humidifier and adds a lot of moisture and heat to the air we breath. When we breath out over 50% of this is lost to the atmosphere. The HumidX technology will retain this moisture and allows it be used by the patient breathing in. This technology although rebranded has been used for many years in different hospitals and is well proven