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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for CPAP

Can I use my NDIS funding to buy Easy CPAP products?

Yes, we are an NDIS-registered Provider of Continence Aids and our products are fully-subsidised by the NDIS. 

Does Easy CPAP provide NDIS quotes?

Yes, we are more than happy to provide a formal quote to support your NDIS assessment.

How do I purchase Easy CPAP products using my NDIS funding?

We are able to process all types of NDIS Participants and orders, including:

  • NDIS / NDIA Managed Participants (Agency Managed)
  • Plan Managed Participants
  • Self-Managed Participants

Easy CPAP can assist you with purchases of CPAP equipment and supplies with your NDIS plan in a number of ways

Self Managed:

If you wish to receive a pro forma invoice / quote for NDIS approval before paying for your order. Please contact us via email at with your required items and our friendly team will be able to assist with your request.

If you are self managed, and claim your NDIS funded purchases yourself, you can place your NDIS funding approved order online and pay for your goods using either credit card or PayPal and then make a claim with the NDIS through your NDIS online portal.

Plan Managed:

If you have a plan-manager who manages payments for you.

Please send us your plan manager contact details via email to with your required items and our friendly team will be able to assist with your request.

Once we receive the above information, we will send a copy of the invoice/order to your plan manager.

Once they have processed your invoice, we will dispatch your goods. Please contact us if you need any help!

Agency Managed:

For NDIA managed customers, please contact our friendly team at with details of your required items, NDIS participant details and we'll be able to assist you with your order.


At Easy CPAP, we welcome all feedback from our NDIS Participants, their Family and/or their support network.

Feedback can be a complaint, a concern or a compliment. Regardless, we take all feedback seriously.

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