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BMC Luna G3 CPAP Machine SpO2 Kit (SG-300)

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The SpO2 Kit is intended to be used for continuous, non-invasive functional arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate monitoring for adults weighing greater than 40 kg. It is 1.8 m in length. The SpO2 Kit is ready to use immediately when you connect it to the main device via the Communications Port. The SpO2 Kit is calibrated to display FUNCTIONAL OXYGEN SATURATION.

Attach its sensor to the user's index finger or any other finger. The sampling rate of the SpO2 signal is about 50 Hz, and the update rate of the frame is 1 Hz. The value of SpO2 and PR is calculated by the average of the former eight pulse waveforms.

If the SpO2 Kit is in an abnormal state, the value of SpO2 will be blank. The patient's blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate can be clearly seen during the course of therapy.

For the best performance, ensure the finger nail surface is clean and free of nail polish. Change the measuring site (finger) every 3 hours and do not use for more than 3 consecutive days unless requested by your health care professional.

During use, the Pulse Rate and Oxygen Saturation levels are displayed on the colour LCD screen of the machine. The saturation levels are also recorded in the daily detailed view, using the RESmart sleep therapy software.

When using the SP02 kit, the RESmart sleep therapy software includes summary information;

  • Minimum Sp02 
  • Average Sp02 
  • Average ODI (Oxygen Desaturation Index) 
  • Average Pulse Rate (beats per minute)

**BMC G3 machine shown for illustrative purposes only**


  • This device is specialized for the BMC Luna G3 (White or Black), it will not work with other CPAP Machines.