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BMC Air Filter For Luna devices

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BMC Luna CPAP Filters for BMC Luna GII CPAP Machines

Upgrade the performance of your Luna devices with the state-of-the-art BMC Air Filter. This premium product is carefully designed to ensure optimal operation of your device, providing superior air filtering capability that extends the life and enhances the efficiency of your Luna device.

Key Features Of The BMC Air Filter:

Enhanced Performance: The BMC Air Filter significantly improves the airflow within your Luna device. Its advanced design boosts performance by efficiently filtering the air that passes through, ensuring your device runs smoother and lasts longer.

High-Quality Material: Made from multi-layered cotton gauze soaked in low viscosity oil, this air filter promises a higher degree of air permeability and dust holding capacity than traditional filters. This enhances the longevity and performance of your Luna device.

Environmentally Friendly: The BMC Air Filter is reusable and washable, reducing waste and offering an eco-friendly alternative to disposable filters. A simple cleaning process will restore its performance, making it a cost-effective and green choice.

Easy Installation: With its precise fit, the BMC Air Filter can be easily installed in your Luna devices. No need for complex tools or professional assistance.

Optimal Compatibility: This BMC Air Filter is designed to be fully compatible with all Luna devices. The filter ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration, maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of your device.

Durability: The BMC Air Filter is robust and durable, designed to withstand the most challenging conditions. This resilience translates into extended lifespans for your Luna devices, saving you from frequent maintenance and replacement costs.

Upgrade your Luna devices with the BMC Air Filter and enjoy a significant performance boost, extended device life, and overall cost savings. Experience the difference of high-quality air filtration with BMC today!

  • Replacement CPAP air Filters for BMC CPAP Luna and Luna iQ CPAP machine series only. It is recommended you change your CPAP Filter every 3 months.

    These BMC Air filters come in a pack of 4 filters.

    *image shows filter in clip. Clip is not included*

    **BMC Luna G2 machine shown for illustrative purposes only and is not included**