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Bluetti AC200PL Portable Power Station 2304Wh

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Bluetti AC200PL Portable Power Station 2304Wh


The BLUETTI AC200PL is your go-to choice when you travel with your RV. With a hefty 2,304Wh-8,448Wh capacity and 2,400W continuous output, it can handle any gadget on the road, making your outdoor life feel like a home far away from home.

BLUETTI AC200PL provides an all-in-one charging solution for RVs, integrating solar, inverter, and battery. Paired with the 12V D40 Voltage Regulator, it enables comprehensive onboard support, ensuring a secure and powered journey for your RV travels.

Fastest Charging among 2kWh Power Station. Fastest Charging among 2kWh Power Station. With accelerated 2,400W Turbo Charging, replenish to 80% capacity in just 1 Hour, and 1.5 hours for a full charge! AC200P L sets a new standard for most competitors in the market. Get ready to power up swiftly for uninterrupted use during your adventures.

1st Solar Energy Capture & Conversion. The solar intake of AC200P L has also elevated to 1,200W, the fastest in its class. Coupled with an unparalleled 99% MPPT efficiency, it guarantees optimal solar energy generation even under low light conditions, allowing your devices to charge in no time.

Up to 8kWh Expandable Capacity. AC200P L is perfectly compatible with B210P, B230, and B300 expansion batteries. So you can customize the capacity to an incredible 8,448Wh. Making the full potential of limitless power has never been easier. 

Ready for 99% of Devices. The AC200P L delivers 2,400W rated power, covering most loads in your RV or at home. Activate the Power Lifting Mode via the BLUETTI App, and you can kick it up a notch and run power-hungry heating devices up to 3,600W.

10−year Peace of Mind. AC200P L is equipped with industry-leading LiFePO₄ batteries and an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) for unparalleled safety and reliability. Trust in a powerhouse that's as secure as it is powerful.

Charge Your Way, Power Your Way. Flexible to get it charged via AC outlets, solar panels, car charger, generator, or lead-acid batteries, you can stay powered and explore the unknown with confidence even far off the grid.

    What's in the Box:

    • AC200P L Portable Power Station
    • DC Input Cable
    • Solar Charging Cable
    • Car Charging Cable
    • AC Charging Cable

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