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ResMed AirTouch N20 Nasal Starter Kit Pack

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Ultra Soft Category  |  Nose Coverage  |  Nasal Mask  |  Memory Foam Cushion

The ResMed AirTouch™ mask series is where comfort meets convenience. Its UltraSoft™ memory foam cushion delivers a uniquely comfortable experience and doesn’t require cleaning when replaced regularly, making your morning routine that much easier!



  • UltraSoft™ memory foam cushion is designed to be light, breathable and gentle on your skin for unprecedented comfort and reduced skin irritation. The cushion performs well up to high therapy pressures* while helping reduce skin irritation and facial marks around the nose. Designed with low-touch maintenance, all that’s needed is a wipe down after each use and for it to be replaced once a month. 
  • Designed with low-touch maintenance, all you need to do is wipe it down after each use and replace it once a month.
  • Modular frame design means that you can swap between the UltraSoft memory foam cushion and the AirFit™ N20 InfinitySeal™ silicone cushion whenever you choose.
  • Open-edge plush headgear is designed for extra softness and comfort.
  • Quick-release elbow makes it simple to connect and disconnect the mask from air tubing, allowing you to get up without having to remove the mask.
  • Magnetic clips** guide the headgear to the frame quickly and easily, two simple snaps and your mask is on or off.
  • Available in a for Her version, which features lavender accents rather than blue, and is only available in size Small


*AirTouch N20 is validated at therapy pressures up to 30 cm H2O

**Use of masks with magnetic components is contraindicated in patients with the following pre-existing conditions: a metallic hemostatic clip implanted in the head to repair an aneurysm and/or metallic splinters in one or both eyes.

The AirTouch™ N20 uses the same frame and headgear as the AirFit™ N20, meaning that the cushions between the two versions are interchangeable. Existing users of the N20 can purchase the UltraSoft™ memory foam cushion to try on their existing mask, and users who purchase the AirTouch™ N20 can purchase the silicone AirFit™ N20 cushion to try if desired. The frame is one size and fits all three sizes of N20 cushions.

Due to the nature of the foam, it cannot be washed like a traditional mask. The foam can be wiped daily, but the cushion is only intended to last 30 days before needing to be disposed and replaced. Cushion replacements can be purchased here.



  • ResMed AirTouch N20 Nasal Mask System
  • 2x Spare AirTouch N20 Cushions (in your selected size)

Size options:

  • Small, Medium and Large

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