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ResMed AirMini Setup Guide

Important: Mask and Tube Compatibility

Unlike other machines which have universal hoses fitting any mask, the AirMini™ is ONLY available in package configurations with the specific masks and corresponding tubes.

The following masks have unique AirMini™ mask setups which are designed to correspond with the travel CPAPs:


AirFit™ F30 Hose Compatibility

The AirMini is compatible with the AirFit™ F30 using the F20 mask setup pack. In order to use your AirMini with the F30, you would need to remove the QuietAir Elbow that comes standard with the F30 and replace it with the elbow found in the F20 Mask Setup Pack for AirMini. By using this specific elbow, you can connect your specialised AirMini hose to the F30, and complete the connection to the machine.

Please Note: The unique venting system built into the included mask has been created to help decrease noise when paired with the HumidX™ humidification component. The design impacts the elbow and the CPAP tube connection, thus the above masks are not compatible on their own if used with the AirMini™ CPAP machine. This purchase includes the proper tube and elbow connection, providing all components needed to operate the system.

No other hoses or accessories (including humidifiers) will work with the AirMini.

FAA Approved

The AirMini™ meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. If using the unit while on an airplane, disconnect from Bluetooth by pressing down on the button with the Bluetooth logo for a minimum of 10 seconds. The light will release a white flash when airplane mode has been reached.

Tips to Pair the Mobile Device with the AirMini™ By ResMed App

  1. Download the (free) AirMini™ By ResMed App
  2. Open the app and agree to the Terms & Conditions Please Note: No signup or personal information is required.
  3. Verify the Bluetooth feature on the smartphone or tablet have been connected.
  4. Gently press the button with the Bluetooth logo found on the front of the machine until a small blue light begins to blink.
  5. Opt to scan or manually enter the key code on the bottom of the machine.
  6. b Begin following the setup instructions: Select the mask being used with the machine and watch instructional clips.
  7. Move between three screens to view data.
    • The Dashboard Screen shows personal usage data.
    • The Sleep Screen allows the user to turn the machine On or Off, run Mask Fit, or adjust machine settings such as Ramp, Exhalation Relief, and SmartStart/Stop.
    • The More Screen shows preferences and user guides.


PLEASE NOTE: The AirMini App is only available for Apple and Android mobile devices, including tablets. The AirMini App is not available internationally or for international customers. It does not work with any other platform, including Windows devices or tablets. The AirMini App is meant for cell phones and tablets only and is not currently available for desktop computers.

IMPORTANT APP INFORMATION: The AirMini has no touchscreen, and all of the data from the machine is most easily available to you from the Android or Apple mobile app. If you use the app, you'll get unlimited cloud-based storage of your medical data. You'll also be able to easily share with your healthcare provider. It is strongly recommended that you use the AirMini app.

If cloud-based storage is not activated, the AirMini will store sleep data locally, on the device or mobile phone hosting the App. It will store the data for 1 year, and only display the most recent 30 days worth of data. If the App is deleted from the phone, all data will be lost. For this reason, it's strongly recommended to use cloud-based storage.

Humidification Tips: HumidX™ versus HumidX™ Plus

It is recommended to start with HumidX™ when first adding humidification. If the moisture level is not sufficient due to environment, use the HumidX™ Plus unit to increase moisture.

Only the N20 and P10 masks will work with with ResMed's HumidX™ and HumidX™ Plus waterless humidification units. Please Note: The F20 tubes will not work with the HumidX™ units. Also, it is important to replace the HumidX™ units 1 month after the package is opened.

Tips to Assemble and Disassemble HumidX™ Units


  • Assembly: To assemble the HumidX™, gently twist the bulbous connection point on the CPAP tube to disconnect the hose. With the blue base pointed downward, secure the unit on the end of the connection. Then, connect the tube pieces together and lock into place.
  • Disassembly: To disassemble the HumidX™, twist and disconnect the bulbous connection on the hose. Remove the HumidX™ after 1 month and replace with a fresh unit.


Cleaning Tips

Disassemble all parts including the HumidX™ when preparing to clean the mask, accessories, and the HumidX™.


  • AirMini™ Tubing: Evaluate the tube for holes or signs of wear and wash at least once per week. Submerge the tube in warm water with mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry away from direct sunlight. Tubing should be replaced every 6 months.
  • N20 and F20 Connector: Wash the F20 connector daily with warm water, mild soap, and a soft bristle brush to thoroughly clean the vents. Rinse well to remove all soap and allow to dry away from direct sunlight. Do Not place in the dishwasher or washing machine. The connector should be replaced every 6 months.
  • HumidX™ | HumidX™ Plus: Check daily for signs of damage or blockage. Replace the unit 1 month after the HumidX™ package is opened. DO NOT wash the HumidX™ or HumidX™ Plus.
  • Filter: The filter is disposable and is NOT intended to be washed. Replace the filter every 6 months. Check for particle blockage often.
  • Machine: Use a dry cloth once a week to wipe away dirt from the outside of the machine.