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Oopsie Heroes

Oopsie Heroes Plus Bed Wetting Alarm

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  • Convenience - Our wireless bedwetting alarm for kids is easy and convenient to use. The sensor is attached to your child's underwear or pyjamas and will detect as little as 1 ml of urine. The user-friendly design uses unique stickers to quickly and easily attach the sensor, and the fun app makes it easy to turn the alarm on.
  • Supportive Technology - Our bedwetting alarm features supportive technology such as pee sensors and sound alarms that can help your child to become dry at night. It will recognize wetness and sound an alarm to alert your child that they should use the bathroom.
  • Customizable Options - With our bedwetting alarm, you can choose the sound settings that work best for your child. Parents can even record their own voice as the alarm, which is scientifically proven to be more effective than a regular tone-based alarm for children under 15 years.
  • Motivational Effects - Many children have seen great success with our bedwetting alarm because the included app helps them to become motivated to stay dry. The system is designed to be both gentle, fun and effective, providing encouragement and support to your child during this process.
  • Effective Solutions - Our bedwetting alarm provides a comprehensive solution to helping your child become dry at night. The supportive technology, customizable options and motivational effects ensure that your child has the support they need for successful bedwetting.


1. Attach sensor to underwear or pyjama bottoms using one of the supplied single-use double-sided stickers (you cannot use oopsie with a nappy or 'pull-up')

2. Open the Oopsie Heroes app and activate the sleep mode by pressing the "go to sleep" button

3. Place the mobile device anywhere in the room, up to 3m away

4. If your child has an accident, the sensor sends a signal to the mobile device (Oopsie uses sound signals NOT Bluetooth®)

5. The sound signal from the sensor will be picked up by the mobile device and wakes your child with a nice sound (which can be selected by you in the app)

6. Your child can then go to the bathroom to finish urinating 

7. For best results, make sure your child is awake and aware when going to the bathroom

Each Oopsie Heroes Plus set includes the following components:

  1. One Sensor
  2. Sheets of double-sided stickers
  3. Access to the Oopsie Heroes app