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Ecostar Auto CPAP Travel Machine

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Designed using state of the art technology with a large range of features makes the Ecostar Auto CPAP machine an extremely reliable choice to improve the comfort and treatment of patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS).

Ecostar Auto CPAP machine is about simplicity without compromising performance featuring unmatched pressure stability, time ramp, automatic leaks compensation, automatic altitude barometric, pressure adjustment, hands-free start (Auto-on) and Auto-off.

Expiratory Pressure Relief decreases the pressure during the exhalation cycle of each breath to improve comfort during sleep increasing patient comfort.

AutoStar automatically starts the pressure when respiration through the mask is detected.

AutoRamp allows for a gradual rise in pressure to help you go to sleep, senses when you fall asleep and stops the gradual rise in pressure.

Mask Disconnection detects when the mask is removed and reduces the pressure to minimum flow.

  • European Design, European Manufacture
  • Ultra-compact dimensions
  • Lightweight (750 grams)
  • Universal power supply

EcoStar Auto CPAP device adjusts the pressure automatically to each individual’s needs. It monitors your breathing throughout the night and adjust the pressure automatically to stop any sleep apnoea and snoring. It compensates for leaks and variations in atmospheric pressure due to altitude. EcoStar provides excellent pressure stability.

Battery Operation
A cigarette-lighter cable is available as an accessory.

Automatic Pressure Compensation
EcoStar automatically compensates for leaks and variations in pressure due to altitude.



Ecostar brochure

Ecostar manual

Ecostar settings


  • Therapy Modes    CPAP, Auto-CPAP

    Pressure Range    4-20 CM H2O

    Sound Levels    27 dBA (Average)

    Ramp    Standard Ramp (user adjustable), 0-45min

    RampStart   4 to Minimum Pressure

    Filters   Foam Filter (reusable)

    Auto-AltitudeAdjustment   Up to 2400m (7800ft)

    Temperature   50C to 35oC (41oF to 95oF)

    Dimensions   20cm x 14cm x 8cm (7.90″ x 5.50″ x 3.15″)

    Weight(without power supply)    750gm (~1.65lbs)

    Data Storage   Device Memory (365 days)

    Humidification    Not Available


    AC Power    Universal AC Power 100-240V, 50-60Hz

    AC Power Supply    Yes

    AC Power Consumption    53-104 (maximum) Watts

    DC Power    Optional Accessory

    DC Power Consumption    51-106 (maximum) Watts