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AYO Circadian Light Therapy Glasses

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AYO Circadian Light Therapy Glasses work alongside the AYO companion app to deliver a customised light therapy program to naturally boost energy, decrease morning drowsiness, minimise jet lag symptoms, and improve sleep health. AYO is portable and easy to wear while going about normal daily routines. Opening the glasses triggers the start of an automatic 20-minute session, with the battery offering a week of sessions on a single charge.

AYO makes initiating light therapy easy as the AYO companion app uses proprietary algorithms to analyse the user’s circadian health, offering stage-specific advice throughout the day regarding light exposure, food, caffeine, mental alertness, exercise and sleep. 

The AYO Circadian Light Therapy can be used with or without the support of the AYO app, and is ideal for people who want to naturally boost energy, decrease morning drowsiness, and improve their sleep health, such as:

  • Shift workers to help them manage their sleep/wake routines 
  • Athletes looking to optimise their training schedule 
  • Teenagers who need support waking in the morning 
  • Anyone struggling to regulate their sleep/wake routine and understand their circadian rhythm 
  • Frequent travellers, helping them to minimise jetlag symptoms by aligning their circadian rhythm with their destination’s time zone during the flight
  • Clinicians looking to make adjustments to the circadian rhythm of their patients.
 Intelligent Design with personalization and sophistication

The AYO wearable's button-free, sleek and elegant design makes it intuitive and easy to use. Made with premium materials, portable and fully foldable for your convenience. Product customization is seamlessly done via Bluetooth connection.

Lightweight & Comfortable

AYO features impressively slim and non-slip construction. The frame is small and lightweight, making it suitable for spectacle wearers. The adjustable nosepiece allows for a perfect fit.

State-of-the-art light therapy

AYO's short sessions are glare-free and easy on the eyes. It features proprietary diffusion system, ensuring effectiveness and efficacy.

Protective hard case

Beautifully designed with special firm material to protect your AYO so you can take it anywhere you go. Power bank with wireless charging allowing for extra battery life.

Cicardian Health for Everyone
AYO uses the latest developments in light therapy and Chronobiology to promote restful sleep

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is a treatment in which you're exposed to a special artificial light source. While it might sound like a wellness fad, it is a widely-used and recognized method backed by thousands of peer-reviewed articles and studies. The clinical consensus is that blue light treatment is generally safe and effective in resetting the human circadian rhythm with numerous health benefits.

Woman using the AyoPro Light Therapy Glasses

How does AYO work

AYO's 5-year research showed that people who understood and actively supported their circadian rhythm reached their sleep, energy and health goals more quickly and easily. The AyoPro helps you by emitting a therapy light that is fully controlled by the AYO App with smart programs for Sleep, Travel and Energy.

01 Create a Profile

Download the AYO app in the Google play store or Apple store and create a profile in the app.

02 Choose a program

Optimize the app to your lifestyle by choosing from Sleep, Travel or Energy programs.

03 Wear your AyoPro Glasses

Boost your mood and raise your energy levels by wearing AyoPro for 20+ minutes.

Revitalize with AyoPro Light Therapy Glasses
Upgrades your Health and Wellness

AyoPro's award-winning design allows you to carry on with your everyday activities while enjoying gentle yet powerful light therapy.

Feel revitalized

With AyoPro, you will be fully charged, active and focused, so you can perform better in your everyday activities.

Fall asleep easier, sleep better, adjust to a new time zone and stay energized during dark winter days in no time with these light therapy glasses!

Know your natural rhythm

For a healthier, happier and more active life, follow personal recommendations for wake-up and bedtime, meal time, physical & mental activities, and more.


    • Product Highlights: 
      • Lightweight and portable
      • Flexible frame and adjustable nose piece for easy fit and comfort
      • Automated 20-minute session
      • Lifetime access to the AYO companion app is included with purchase of device
      • The AYO companion app provides users guidance with:
        • Their personal circadian rhythm and its unique stages during the day-night cycle
        • Personal recommendations for each specific stage regarding light, food, caffeine, cognition, exercise and sleep
        • When to use the AYO to achieve their wake-up goal
      • Hard protective case and charging cable
      • 7 days battery life with normal use
      • Featured in Wall Street Journal, Body&Soul and Forbes
       Device Inclusions: 

      AYO Light Therapy Glasses 

      Protective hard case 

      Lifetime Access to AYO companion App

       AYO has been awarded: 

      • National Sleep Foundation SleepTech Award 2022
      • Men’s Health 2021 Sleep Award
      • Red Dot Award Product Design 2018
      • Travel Retail Award 2018