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Medistrom Mobile DC Car Charging Cord for Pilot-12 Lite & Pilot-24 Lite Battery Packs

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The Mobile DC Car Charging Cord for Pilot-12  & Pilot-24 Lite  Battery Packs can be used to recharge Pilot 12 Lite  and Pilot 24 Lite  batteries from the cigarette style power outlets found in most cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles.

The Mobile DC Car Charging Cord for Medistrom Pilot-12 & Pilot-24 Lite Batteries is easy to use! Simply insert the charging end of the adapter cord into the "charge" jack of your Pilot Lite battery; and plug the other end into any standard DC power outlet. Depending on available power, a fully depleted battery will take approximately 3-4 hours to charge.

COMPATIBILITY: This cord is only compatible with Pilot 12 Lite & Pilot 24 Lite Batteries. It will not work with older Pilot 12 Plus batteries , Pilot 24 Plus batteries, or other battery packs.

  • Included In Box: DC Cord Only
  • Brand/Manufacturer: Medistrom
  • Other Information:Input: DC 12V/10A
    Output: DC 12V/10A