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AYO light therapy glasses help you sleep better, beat jet lag and get more energy.

Light therapy, sometimes called phototherapy, is the use of light to treat a broad range of health and medical conditions. Light therapy glasses are portable devices worn while you get dressed, have breakfast, work out or even have an early morning conference call instead of being anchored in your chair during therapy. But it may ease symptoms, increase your energy levels, and help you feel better.

AyoPro Light Therapy Glasses may be able to help with

- Insomnia

- Difficulty Waking up

- Jetlag

- Shiftwork

- Boosting energy levels

With AYO, you can improve your sleep during the night and have more energy during the day. AYO gives you a natural solution for a better sleep and helps you to improve your sleep quality.

How it works

Like sunlight, AYO’s gentle blue light enters your eyes and stimulates sensory cells in the retina called photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells (ipRGCs). This sends a biological signal through the optic nerve towards your body’s master clock located in your brain.

Your sleep, heart rate and blood pressure, immune system, metabolism, body temperature, hormones, performance and mood, are all influenced by your circadian rhythm.

AYO helps you align this natural cycle of physical, mental, and behaviour changes that the body goes through during 24-hours, with your lifestyle rhythm and daily activities. By getting your rhythms in sync, you can enjoy a myriad of health & wellness benefits.

Download the GoAYO app (available with AYOpro glasses only)

AYOpro works with the goAYO app to provide a customised energy, sleep, and travel programs that can be used depending on the specific requirements.  AYOpro also comes with a premium charging case offering 21 days battery life under normal use.  AYOpro’s light levels are customised through the APP to your individual requirements.

For a non-connected/non-app version, see the AYOLite Light Therapy Glasses instead.